Comic Review - John Smith – Judge Dredd - LaDonna Fever

Preston, England
September 3, 2015 12:36pm CST
2000 AD 1993 – Spoiler alerts. This adventure in future law in a fascist state takes a very funny dig at Madonna, or Ledonna, as its legendary rock star prefers to call herself. Her audiences are getting into states of hysteria. Her music is just too loud and her act too raunchy for the Judge’s liking. Dredd arrests her and provokes extreme civil unrest as everyone demands her release. Unwilling to revoke her sentence, Dredd arranges for her to take drugs that will make her think she has served thirty years in just a few days in prison. She emerges in no state to continue her singing career and the crowds quickly forget her. A harsh satire in that LeDonna is doing nothing criminal and nothing no current rock star, including Madonna doesn’t do, but music critics might well wish such a law could be enforced even now. Arthur Chappell
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