Comic Review - John Wagner –Judge Dredd - The Al Capone Story

Preston, England
September 3, 2015 12:53pm CST
2000 AD 1993 – Spoiler alerts. A rather cruel study of crossed destinies. Two young boys are raised by parents who are deeply disappointed in them. One is a young thug raised by good, honest law abiding citizens who are shocked by his juvenile crimes and long periods in police custody. The boy’s neighbour is a child called Al Capone, but he is painfully honest and just wants to be an accountant. His parents want him to be a crook and a gangster just like his namesake, and not unlike them, so they are eternally disappointed in him. Capone offers support to his friend when he can, but he has to watch as the child who ought to have been Capone goes to jail for life. Capone however is discovered to have falsified his tax returns and ends up sent down too, finally echoing events in the real Chicago Gangster’s life. In the final panel we learn that the parents of both boys accidentally raised each other’s son from birth. An interesting nature/nurture themed comic strip. Arthur Chappell
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