Drop every Superficial Opinion of Another and Simply Love.

By Jani
Susanville, California
September 4, 2015 12:52pm CST
What if, just, what IF our whole world is actually really based on our belief system and this thing called Law of Attraction? Would that scare you about the opinions and beliefs you hold? I hope instead it frees you from them as it has for me. I have taken a much more simple approach and here I will try to describe it. For every person I have dropped every superficial opinion about them and I will love them for who they are at the core. What that means is it makes it simple! Also every opinion that does not have their true quality as a being in mind has been dropped! That is a lot of opinion off my mind. Here is who I have learned we ALL are at our core: A direct expression of Source (or God) A powerful being A timeless being When I base loving someone on those three truths alone, it changes every thing. I should see someone who loves themselves. I should see someone who expresses their unique power. I should see someone authentic. I should see someone without worry or anxiety.
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