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September 5, 2015 10:29am CST
I watch A LOT of you-tube videos made by two girls from Canada. MissFenderr (MissAlaynaa) and Nicole Coenen have been apart of my weekly routine and have amade a difference in my life. They are both silly, sweet and can be very serious. Lately most of MissFenderr's videos have been about "mindfulness" and "self-compassion". She talks about how you should learn to live in the moment instead of stressing over what may or may not happen in the moments to come. For example, from a her video, drinking coffee in the morning. Most of you do this EVERY morning but you don't just drink coffee. You dont enjoy it. You are too busy thinking about your work, school or anything that may happen that day. You don't just simply sit there and ENJOY the coffee. Or another good one is being aware of how you are feeling WHEN you are feeling it. Like when you fight with your partner; you argue, yell, scream and walk away INSTEAD of realizing how angry you are, taking it in and just breathing. Learning when you are angry and learning to accept and deal with it instead of making it worse. Then there is self-compassion. She said its along the lines of learning to accept yourself and your faults. Pain and suffering are apart of life but they don't have to be related to each other.We are sooo harsh with ourselves when we fail at something instead of realizing we are only human and make mistakes. If you learn to accept that you aren't perfect instead of criticizing yourself, you'll eventually learn to love you AS you. So I am going to start trying this everyday and see where it goes. I also think that I may start listing a couple good things that happen everyday in these blogs. Learning to breath, living life and enjoying the little moments. Its a work in progress. =)
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@else34 (13602)
• New Delhi, India
6 Sep 15
@hovis,you are right.You tube is a treasure of very useful videos.I have learned many things from these.