It's Labor Day Saturday

Wapello, Iowa
September 5, 2015 10:34am CST
If this isn't the best Labor Day Weekend ever, it's gotta be at least in the top ten. I'm still completely surrounded surrounded by old bitter clingers who keep whining and crying about how it's illegal to be Christian in the US now...It's not a bit true, of course, but that doesn't lessen the enjoyment of the suffering of those who think it's true even a little a bit. And it makes the totally unrealistic optimist in me say, "Someday, those senile old white guys will be right and believing in absurd myths will be a crime." Not that I would want to see all Christians go to jail because there are too many fine, decent and smart people who believe those fairy-tales, too, but since it's never going to happen anyway, I don't think there's any harm in me fantasizing about it. And, speaking of Christians who belong in jail, let's take a look at the latest from Rick Perry: Rick Perry's Campaign Staff Abandoning A Sinking Ship As you can see, there is still no official announcement yet but it's even closer than the last time we looked at it (I thought It Would Be Ben). If Rick does make the official announcement before Tuesday, I think we can start the discussion to officially name Labor Day 2015 as The Best Labor Day Ever. Or, even better, if Rick decides to skip the formal announcement and just make his feelings known via a grand exit a'la Tom Schweich (Tom Schweich Is Dead, You Bastards)...Well, we won't need any discussions. Labor Day 2015 will automatically become The Best Labor Day Ever. You're right, that's more overly optimistic wishful thinking and what's the cure for overly optimistic wishful thinking? That's right! Booze! So let's see what Fifi, my Sommelier, invented for today's Theme Drink: ============================ Loser Rick Ingredients: 6 oz Coca-Cola 2 oz Sloe gin 2 oz Malibu rum 1 oz Brandy 1 splash Grenadine 4 cubes Ice Mixing instructions: Fill glass with ice and add ingredients in order listed. ============================ Now we need a fitting Featured Party Game. That's why we came up with this: Binders Full Of Girls And Boys Forgetting To Wear Their Clothes. You political historians will recognize that as being a reference to the time Rick forget some Federal agencies that he promised to abolish (Rick Perry Forgets Which Three Agencies He Would Eliminate As President (VIDEO)). For those of you who aren't political historians: That was a reference to the time Rick forget some Federal agencies that he promised to abolish. With an entertaining twist so it won't bore you to death. And I think that will about do it for this one. Let's hope that the next two days of this long holiday weekend as fun and entertaining as the first two. Here Are The Links:
Today we get to begin our goodbyes to Rick Perry's campaign for President. John Iadarola (Think Tank) discusses some very bad news for the Perry 2016 campaig...
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