The struggles of society and why we all don't get along

September 6, 2015 3:17pm CST
First of all I believe the reason as to why we all don't get along is because of disbelief. Disbelief has a very large impact on society because some people don't accept not just themselves; but others too. The answer to this is because a lot of people in the world are caught up in's obvious. I believe if someone is selfish; they are not just going to be disrespected, but also they can be a danger to themselves; because their are many hopeless and angry people out there who could easily turn on you and verbally or physically hurt you because they had just nad enough! I honestly think that keeping the mouth under control (and thinking) should be done more often in this world, because without it; everything would just manifest into a huge mess because not many people appreciate life for what it is.... They say that silence is golden, but are you fully keeping quiet?
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@Avijit100 (953)
• Calcutta, India
6 Sep 15
@Fluffymuffin Yet another thought provoking post from you :-) This time I would again relate this topic with my personal experience and its actually quite true that if you are perceived as selfish, not necessarily that you are for real but the very thought of being labelled as selfish by others can also get you in trouble. Therefore, adjusting words and actions accordingly in daily life is kind of a priority now so as to be on the safer side and selfishness needs to take a back seat.
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• Preston, England
6 Sep 15
we all have to compromise and sometimes it is expedient and prudent to stay shtum. It isn't so much that some disbelieve but intolerance to those who believe differently that causes most problems in society.
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• United States
6 Sep 15
I always taught my son to walk away rather than get into talking too much.
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