what's in a psychiatrist i like..

November 23, 2006 7:48pm CST
i wanted to become a psychiatrist when i was still little..actually i still want to become a psychiatrist..or a counselor mayb.. you see, i believe that every behavior we have or beliefs we have is connected to our childhood or the people we see or in general,our environment.. i believe that every bad situation has a good solution.. i appreciate psychiatrist so much coz i knw they can make a worst situation into better ones.. me, my friends always knew me as a good advisor..a good listener..and even a best problem solver..lets not talk bout me here coz they say that usually a good advisor usually has a bigger prob than those who confide.. and, i never been into a psychiatric test or been face to face with them or never read about them but i believe in their capability to make things better..(by the way, i read one book bout like giving an advice to a broken relationship something like that and actually the author was the one who had the experience who shared it and taught us the solution) that's why i like them so much and i wanna be like them coz it always feel good to help other people in need especially when it comes to their relationships.. i knw, whoever is in a situation where you are already hopeless..and you think a friend cant help..and you are not patient with prayers..try a psychiatrist..or be one! talk to yourself..examine yourself..and most of all, help yourself to become a healthy person..and best off all, help others to also become a healthy person..
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@pusiket (1759)
• Philippines
12 Dec 06
The most chalenging work is to learn about human behavior and lead them to the right thinking.
@lucysgj (92)
• China
24 Nov 06
Good listener - Good listener
I have ever thought of being a psychologist when I was at school,though not now, I still like to be a good listener.And in fact,I am. Most of my friends want to talk to me and ask me for advice whenever they are in trouble.I am so glad that I can help them to make things better .And I have read a lot of books about psychology,which also helps I myself to become a healthy and optimistic person a lot.:)