My Pie Was All Wrong!!

United States
September 9, 2015 3:04pm CST
L.O.L. I had went to the grocery store last week and got this can that said pie filling on it and it just said to put the can in the pie crust or shell or whatever and leave in the fridge for 2 hours, Well all I had was a graham cracker crust pie thing so I poured it in there and then I had bought this thing it said heavy whipping cream and it said freeze for 15 minutes then beat with egg beaters which I did not have any {Guess I should have the read the thing in the store but was so ready to get out of there} Well I froze it and then used the beater and poured it on top of the pie and went in the fridge and it leaked all over the fridge! Which I had just cleaned! So I took it off the pie and froze it some more trying to save it and put it back on top of the pie once it was froze well this morning I was making my husbands lunch and went for a piece of the pie and it all just fell apart! I was thinking duh! First of all I should have got a pie shell and then I should have just got some whipped cream! L.O.L. Or something else for the top! O well it still tastes good but it is a big mess! Has this ever happened to you?
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• Preston, England
21 Sep 15
I was never a cook at all - my food preparation and heating is very basic - mostly microwave convenience food. Sorry your pie didn't work out.
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• United States
22 Sep 15
I was really never into cooking until I got married L.O.L. But I have learned to make so many things it is very tiring especially when it come to making Mexican Food! I will spend countless hours in the Kitchen, L.O.L.
@valmnz (13168)
• New Zealand
13 Sep 15
I'm afraid I avoid using food in cans as much as possible.
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@jaboUK (55158)
• United Kingdom
9 Sep 15
No it's not happened to me. When I want a pie I buy it ready made. I'm glad yours still tasted ok.
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@fufurinha (11517)
• Portugal
9 Sep 15
It is sad when we spend time cooking and the final result is not what we wished.
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