Checking On California Grape Harvest In The Drought

@seren3 (387)
Los Angeles, California
September 10, 2015 12:46pm CST
I just read Farewell Summer by @LadyDuck ( and that led me to look at California's wine harvest for this year. It did well despite the drought (3rd year in) and I learned that grapes are not a water intensive crop. The Pinot Noir grapes had an early picking in July. The article at Pro Ag is detailed and quite interesting. Yet, California wines have gone up a bit in price because of smaller crops due to the lack of water in some areas. Do any of you Asian/UK/ European peeps see California wines over there?
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• United States
10 Sep 15
thank the stars, there's more'n plenty 'f water suckers growin' in yer neck 'f the woods. 'course, i've heard tell that some vineyards 've closed in the state? lots seem to be poppin' up here in new mexico. i must confess, i'd be most happy to see 'em replace all y'alls dairies that moved here. mercy sakes if'n they aint some water usin', ground water pollutin' thingies!
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@seren3 (387)
• Los Angeles, California
10 Sep 15
That's true dairy takes a huge amount of water. And creates mountains of the stinky stuff!
@LadyDuck (175750)
• Switzerland
11 Sep 15
Water is not a big problem for the vineyards. The only problem is when it rains just before the grapes harvesting, because this can cause fungi. We had a wet spring and a hot summer, it seems the Merlot will be good this year. (The link does not work because there is a parenthesis at the end. Thanks for mentioning me.