the psychic in me..

November 23, 2006 7:59pm CST
do you know that people call me "psychic" ? this is actually said in a joking way..but yes, i can predict your future..i know your past..and i know yor present.. i believe that we have our own instinct and we should not reject them.. just follow your instincts and it will guide you.. if i tell you all my stories..a year would not be enough..coz day by day, i encounter meny situations and experiences.. lets just say, i dont know.. maybe a gift..or maybe i was just born to have powers..i mean power to see your future..fel what you feel.. know your everything.. i can even read palms... weird though is i dont know how i read them.its just like playing and i'd be amazed on how people will eact like "you know wht its true" or "how did you know" and best off al, "ey, you said it right!" things like that that even i myself cant imagine i say those things and they really believed it.. i thank God for giving me such talent..but i believe everyone has it..we just need to not to reject them.. and my worst experience is i dream faces i dont know who..i just know they're already gone..people i'd meet in my futute..whch is actually weird coz i see them in my dreams before i actually meet them.. it doesnt feel god sometimes..dreaming of people i barely know..but still im thankful coz i believe that dreams has its purpose and meaning..and guess what,most of my dreams at night,happen the very next day..future....i hink whoever can relate will definitely be amazed with me.. i can even read what you're thinking right now..and thanks to you..=)
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