Iron infusion and b12 this week

@ricki_911 (19995)
Toronto, Ontario
September 12, 2015 3:44pm CST
Tuesday morning I have my iron infusion for a few hours, and again in a few weeks time. Wednesday afternoon I have my b12 shot at the doctors office. I am getting tired of having to get them done. Luckily the b12 shots were $20 for the box which has done about 7 weeks of injections (so not bad cost wise). The iron infusion is covered by OHIP right now which would cost me $400 per infusion. I had my last 2 done in June, then now 2 this September. It doesn't seem to be going up either so they arn't sure why. They think maybe the b12 shots will help. Luckily now I dont have such as bad reaction, just a head ache which is nice.
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