Los Angeles, California
September 13, 2015 4:57am CST
With someone that you not in love with, and trying to get out and you can't. And not sure what to do because once you leave all hell brake lose and you have know choice but to go back and act. to remind you that you do this because you have nowhere to go and know money nothing in your name so you stay with someone that have money cars house roof over you head and you don't fell safe but then you don't want to be on the street because you don't want anyone to see you like that what do you do, And how can you get help. i mean running away it's not east because then that starts a lot of problems for your family. that person might call over and say all kind of stuff or that person will do anything to hurt you by calling the cops telling them lies to take you to jail. Trying to hurt you more then you hurt them.Trying to get twice as bad that you got them. Will understand this, that they just want control of your life you body they want to have their way with you, just because they think you in they house you driving their car and you using their money, so that mean they have control of you. Now alot of the time this happens with people that don't want to be alone and that are way older then you. if they are older then you then they think that they can get in your head and fell you up with lies and ways to control you. They would make sure for sure that they know every little thing about you, and they would make sue that they know everything about you and that you would not get away with anything. They would have you Email and Password they would go though your phone and if your not home they would call your phone every 30 or so but then they would make up a reason why they called when that is not the reason. They would get mad when they don't have their way, when you don't come home right away when they say come. or when they tell you to do something and you have a better idea and you want to go with your instead of his or her ideas. they would start a fight out of nowhere you want even see it coming, you can just be talking, and you doing something and you tell him or her that you are doing something you would talk later. but then that's when him or him make's it a problem and start to fight about that, but them fight about other things that is not a problem that's in the pass and already have been talked about, now that's called just crazy and that you need help. Let me tell you this please don't wast your time on someone that you know that you are not in love with, it would not be wroth it. For sure it would be a living hell till death. you would not know how to get out it can get really bad where you start to give up on yourself and you don't want that. REMEMBER THAT...........
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