Sleeping Where You Eat

@MKAlubs (451)
United States
September 16, 2015 1:12pm CST
Once, many, many years ago someone got the foolish notion of trying to serve me breakfast in bed. I was horrified and repulsed. How disgusting! A bed is a place to either sleep or make love. It is NOT a place to eat! Likewise, a kitchen counter is a place to prepare food to be eaten. It is NOT a place to sleep or have sex. Boundaries, folks. That person must have gotten the idea from watching too many TV sitcoms, where eating in bed is a celebrated ubiquitous cliche. I never understood the appeal. Why the heck would anyone want to eat in bed, a place where they sleep? The only time I have ever eaten in bed was once when I was in the hospital and was physically incapable of getting up and out of bed. Even then I found it utterly repugnant. But I have slowly over the years learned that most people have no problem at all eating where they sleep. Apparently TV has trained everyone to see eating in bed as some sort of celebratory reward or something and apparently few people ever thought to question the intelligence of that. Eating in bed has somehow become a normal and accepted activity. Seeing it as abhorrent, slovenly behavior makes me a weirdo. So what about you? Do you enjoy being served breakfast in bed by your children on Mother's Day? Or Father's Day? Do you enjoy being served breakfast in bed by your life partner on your wedding anniversary? Do you eat snacks in bed while watching TV and then sleep amongst any of the crumbs you may have dropped? Or are you a weirdo like me?
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@responsiveme (21565)
• India
14 Aug 16
I don't like eating in bed too...I don't think it makes me a weirdo though:)
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@cahaya1983 (10015)
• Malaysia
17 Sep 15
On special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays, sure why not. But no we don't eat snacks in bed, mainly because I refuse to have a TV in the bedroom but also because I hate having to clean crumbs on the sheets. Here ants are everywhere and the last thing I want is for them to crawl all over the bed.
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@thelme55 (15893)
• Germany
16 Aug 16
No, I don't like eating in bed because of crumbs but I had to do it when I was totally sick and couldn't get out of bed.
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@shaggin (41060)
• United States
14 Aug 16
A bed is a great place to be intimate but I do not like eating food in bed. My kids have brought me breakfast in bed a few times which was very sweet.
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@LadyDuck (195562)
• Switzerland
14 Aug 16
I am like you, I hate to have food served in bed. I think I never had food in bed during all my life. Even when I was sick I got out of the bed to eat.
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@owstalaga (4576)
• Philippines
17 Sep 15
Well I also don't like eating in bed too. It is messy and it will encourage the rats and ants to be around the room. Unfortunately I've been eating in my room (but not always on the bed) for a few times last month because I like eating while watching from my laptop.
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@softbabe44 (5885)
• Vancouver, Washington
16 Sep 15
well your not a wierdo its just how we see things mabe different then from what others may see but theres no need to believe different then you do i haven't been one to eat in bed either
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