I want to live in heart as a loveable memory And you?

@SHOHANA (7181)
September 17, 2015 5:40am CST
Almost everyone we need love and we want to live in the heart whom we like or love, our good work and dedication can make it possible. A good memory can help us to live a happy life and i want to left sweet memories for others.
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@VivaLaDani13 (20427)
• Perth, Australia
11 Aug 16
@SHOHANA I sometimes think about this. I often wonder and hope that people will remember me in a positive way.
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@SHOHANA (7181)
• Bangladesh
12 Aug 16
@VivaLaDani13 i will remember you in a positive way and there are many like me will remember you with love and respect
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@stringer321 (2905)
• Kiryat Ata, Israel
2 Oct 15
I agree with you. I also want people to remember me as a nice and good person who likes to help, a good friend... What do I do to make it happen ? I help people that I meet on the street like, if I see someone carry a lot of stuff, I offer my help. I help my grandmother with her duties, I help my friend and I give him some good advice, I listen to his problems, I leave water bawl for dogs and cats outside so they can drink when they need. Does it make girl love me ? Only days will tell... I hope it does help, but, even if it doesn't, this is who I am and I will find someone who likes me for that.
@sherryeb (586)
• Duncan, Arizona
2 Oct 15
I think many people feel that same way. What you are doing is a kind selfless act and I am sure you will be remembered for it.