Politicians: you can't care about "unborn" children without caring about children who have been born.

@flpoolbum (2918)
United States
September 17, 2015 9:48am CST
Personally, I can't condemn abortions. With the popularity of social media we see more and more instances of terrible child abuse. Children are neglected, physically and/or psychologically terrorized, beaten and many are killed. How can anyone really consider that a child in conditions such as these are better off then if they had been aborted? The Republicans in the United States are big on caring about "unborn" children but then continually cut funding for children and pregnant women included the W.I.C. program. They cut funding for foster care, adoption, schools, after school programs, and college. If Congress is going to care for an unborn life, they should follow through and provide the same amount of concern and care for children that have been born! INCREASE, DON'T CUT funding for programs for children and families, give tax cuts to the middle class instead of the just the wealthiest of the wealthy. No child should go hungry or suffer from malnutrition or lack of medical care. Children should be able to go to school and then college to have happy and successful lives, knowing that they were loved by parents who actually wanted them.
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@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
17 Sep 15
This reminds me of an online discussion regarding people who have children that they can't take care of. It was around welfare, and not giving more money to people who had more children while on welfare. There were so many people who went on about how irresponsible it was, and nobody proposing anything that would help the children who were caught in the middle. There is a genuine belief in the right wing community that if you cut off public assistance, people will be forced to figure out how to take care of themselves. The reality is that there aren't enough good paying jobs, so all they are doing is hurting people and making it harder for them to get out of the situation.