finding good from the bad isn't easy..

Pea Ridge, Arkansas
September 18, 2015 8:31pm CST
Since the affordable care act has been in effect my medical coverage has increased three times. What used to be a weekly bill of about $60 is now an astonishing $166 per week. With such a drastic increese I can no longer afford to pay for medical insurance coverage and the copay plus any remainder bill from the doctor visit. The theroy of making health care affordable for all has in fact done the opposite for my family. I can no longer afford to use a service that I am forced by law to purchase. Isn't that nice. This has lead me to search for old time home remedies to treat common ilments such as colds and coughs. What I am learning is funny in a humorless way. The herbs that have some of the best medicinal uses, ive always heard referred to as useless weeds. Imagine that! With allergy concerns in mind, introducing new plants into my daily life has been a slow process. The changes I have been confident in making have greatly improved my life. Slowly but surly, I can feel myself growing healthier. It's been simple changes too. Like switching from Italian large leaf basil to holy green basil, instead of taking an aspirin for a headache I apply peppermint oil to my temples. In a way one could say that the passing of this unjust law has in fact been a blessing. It has taught me that a holistic approach to life eliminates your need of and or dependency on most prescriptions. My expensive and dreaded doctor visits have been replaced with a window seal garden. :-D
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@beenice2 (2431)
• Canada
10 Jan 17
I do the same I use herbs and oils to heal myself and plus my meridian pen.