Nick diaz gets 5 yr suspension and fined 135k.Is this fair?

Houston, Texas
September 18, 2015 10:48pm CST
MMA superstar nick diaz got a very wicked suspension handed down by the Nevada athletic assoc.It was Nicks 3rd run in with Nevada since 2007 for being tested for marijauna use.Diaz was tested 3 times by two different drug testing companys.The tests was taken after the big super fight with anderson spider silva in Nevada.Something that is very fishy with this series of events from others.Many believe that Nevada wants nick out of fighting and people believe they can even be corrupt doing so.Nick was tested negative right after the fight.He was tested by the same company called wada and came up negative a hour later then he was tested by another company and it came back positive.This has corruption all over it.2 negative tests by wada and one positive by a different company.Isn't this obvious they want nick out.Also why suspended 5yrs while other fighter s are doing roids and are only getting a year?Unreal
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