How do you stop a pond from leaking?

United States
September 20, 2015 7:13am CST
That is probably one of the most silly questions you've been asked - right?! But I need an answer. When we bought this house over two years ago we had a beautiful pond full of water. We have a lot of fish in there and we even bought a small boat to use in the pond. About a month ago my husband noticed that the water level dropped significantly...and continued to drop. It finally leveled off about two weeks ago. We had 3 or 4 inches of rain not long ago so the pond gained water, but lost it again. Somewhere there is a leak and it's almost impossible to find. My husband has gone to the UT Extension Service office in town but the 'person in the know' is never there but has our phone number and we've been waiting for the return call without success. I read someplace on line that you can add lime to the pond and that will 'fix a leak' but we don't' know how much to add or if there are any specifics to that procedure. It's is a man man pond which is fed by two underground spring which are working just fine. So water is entering the pond, but also leaving. If anyone has an suggestions they will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! The photo belongs to me and it shows the pond when it was full, before the leak developed.
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