Do you trust easily?

Quezon City, Philippines
September 20, 2015 4:56pm CST
I don't easily trust anyone. I learned in the past that I should know the person for a long time before I can say that I trust him or her. I observe people when I know someone new even they are seems so harmless. People can be tricky sometimes.
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@cgalavia (1406)
• Philippines
20 Sep 15
Nope,I don't.I need to know first the person and it's long way to trust him. Even the longest person I've known,sometimes can't be trusted.
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@else34 (13610)
• New Delhi, India
21 Sep 15
@flippish,there was a time when I used to trust everyone,but as time passed by and I underwent ups and downs of life,my experiences made me wiser.
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@TheHorse (65833)
• Pleasant Hill, California
7 Nov 15
I was fairly trusting until I hit about 30 and saw hard core corruption in the work place for the first time. I was always "street savvy" because I grew up on the South Side of Chicago, but I was pretty trusting of colleagues/coworkers until my first bad experience.
@owstalaga (4553)
• Philippines
19 Oct 15
I can say I trust easily but of course I am careful in dealing with people. I prefer to think that people are inherently good rather than doubt anything they say. Unless they've proven me wrong then I will believe they are innocent and can be trusted.