A Street Cat Named Bob

September 24, 2015 1:20am CST
A very good day to my fellow Mylotters. Let me see, how long was I inactive here...more than 3 years I think? Oh well but it's great to see the fellow old-timers still having fun having discussion here and there. As stated on the title of this thread, has anybody ever read this book written by James Bowen? I bought mine last week, finished it in 3 days. The story was really inspirational between a cat and his human haha. First of all, I'd admit, I have a weakness for cats. These gentle and mysterious animals sometimes do make good companions. No doubt their natural behavior is that they usually don't like to stay at one place and will move to another once it finds its current spot boring. Some may even leave their owners and search for another one. However, according to this book, the cat, a ginger named Bob, is a loving pet anyone could find provided there's ample trust between you and the cat. The book describes the experiences that James and the cat faced while he was working on the streets. Sometimes dangerous even. It's really a miracle how they both met on a typical night and became good buddies just like that. If you have not read his book, I encourage you to.
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