do you know when to keep silent?

@Salamnda (476)
United Kingdom
September 25, 2015 8:35pm CST
most of us find it hard to talk only when its needed, and keep silent for the time it should be left without any answer ,,, when the no answer is the best answer. do you think you are the type who can control your self and be silent and not to say any thing when its time ?
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@ria1606roy (2847)
• Kolkata, India
27 Sep 15
I kind of blab when I'm with my family, but outside I'm an avid listener. I prefer to listen and speak only if I have to say something. But when the answer is no and it needs to be made clear, I have to speak then. No use keeping silent and misleading someone.
@Freelanzer (9499)
• Canada
26 Sep 15
I am just that person but it seems when it is my turn to talk someone is always interrupting me
@allknowing (69373)
• India
26 Sep 15
I have to put a rein on my thoughts as they will go on and on nonstop............
@Susan2015 (21683)
• United States
26 Sep 15
most of the time yes. There are times at work when I speak up, of course then I get in trouble. But that's been happening for many years now.
@sofssu (14447)
26 Sep 15
I guess I do do know 95 % when to shut up.. I do stretch it far at times.