Shadow People & Other Paranormal Topics Debate

September 26, 2015 8:51pm CST
Do any of you believe in ghosts, demons, or shadow people? Have you ever experineced anything paranormal such as phantom calls, or recieved messages from deceased loved ones? There is tons of supernatural thins happening all around us each day. What about aliens and abuctions, or UFO's? Are they far fetched and just made up, or is it real? I personally delve more into the ghostly part of things. But anything ''out of this world'' is welcome for debate. Feel free to share with me your experiences, dreams you may have had, communications with the other side, or any of your beliefs.
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@OneOfMany (12423)
• United States
27 Sep 15
No contact with aliens except space dust that falls on the planet all the time. I have seen UFOs in the past, with oscillating figure 8 shaped light patterns. One moment they were hovering there and then they instantly back tracked and disappeared.
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• Roseville, Minnesota
24 Oct 15
I just started a discussion on sleep paralysis.Ive experienced that along with shadow people since I was young.Its absolutely terrifying.
@yeezermac (145)
• Singapore, Singapore
20 Oct 15
I am a paranormalist in Singapore. Here in Asia, there are various degrees of belief in the supernatural. For some, it is fear, and a topic to stay away from. For others, belief in the supernatural is so commonplace that one expects to encounter such beings on a daily basis