check your wardrobe will find things you dont need

@Salamnda (476)
United Kingdom
September 28, 2015 1:47pm CST
if you check your wardrobe now , how many things you did not use for more than 6 months? check your storage ... how many things you did not need to the past 6 months? you will find so many things that you dont need you may want to think about the thing you are buying and also you need to think about what you should do with this things is there any one any where who needs them? any one who will use what you dont need ? you can sell them , or you can give it all away to who can use it ... i found out that the things we dont look for more than 6 months , we really dont need , there is exceptions for sure but in general it is not needed any more
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@MALUSE (44877)
• Uzbekistan
28 Sep 15
This is what charity shops are for.
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@Salamnda (476)
• United Kingdom
28 Sep 15
yes , and therefore we need to check and see if we have things , stuck deep in our storage that can any one benefit from it
@xstitcher (12792)
• Petaluma, California
29 Sep 15
Yes, my mother and I put things in charity bags at least once a month.
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@paigea (22654)
• Canada
28 Nov 15
I am working on getting the excess items out of my closet. when I buy something I have to get rid of at least as many items. So in the store I think "What will I get rid of?" Most of the time that stops me from buying anything.