Death ... is the end of your world

@Salamnda (476)
United Kingdom
September 28, 2015 6:28pm CST
Think about it ... How your life ends in a second ... That makes the world ends ... Just for you ... And now you are no longer here with your loved ones. They wash their faces with tears ... Not seeing you any more. Yet at that moment ... They never taught about their turn when they will be following you No one knows for sure when that will be. But you have seen it. Lived it and you are no more around them ... The end that takes you to somewhere , where no one knows how it looks, feels or sounds ... Somewhere different , than the shopping malls you used to swarm with your friends , different than the nightclubs where you used to drink till the glass splits every thing out , That's the end of the world , for you . That's the end of a relation for others , you might leave trouble behind , you might leave a fortune , what ever you will leave behind, it's out of your world now , you can't catch up latest movies. Nor the latest gadgets , or even pay your debts . Who knows what are you doing now? You wish to tell every one what you felt the moment your body was emptied from your soul . You left it behind , and there was ... What? You can't tell , you can't let any one know about who greeted you , who took you around , or how that was . You wish you can ... But no way , because the world is ended for you , all communications where dead , can't change your Facebook status nor post to your Twitter account , call your friends. Wife, or lover ... You wish to let them know , so they be prepared for their end of the world to , individually every one should. But since no one came back and tell the story of his end of the world , every one is busy filling his thirst with sea water ... This is the world ... It's like a bus stop , you land in ... Wait your bus, ride it and be gone ... What you do in there where you stand. Will determine which bus you will ride. Where it will be your end of the world . who will greet you over there ... think about it ... look it up ...
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@thesids (22351)
• Bhubaneswar, India
29 Sep 15
Do we have a choice? No. So I dont think fighting a lost battle is advisable. When it comes, let it come. Your take if you leave peacefully or have a duel where you still have less than 1% chance of winning
@Salamnda (476)
• United Kingdom
29 Sep 15
i guess it depends on what you believe right?
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@Freelanzer (9537)
• Canada
29 Sep 15
I am painfully aware that we all have to go sometime, when? no one knows and when you are gone there may be tears for a little while and then all is forgotten until the next person passes on