Happy To Be Independent

@bubuth (1816)
October 1, 2015 4:40am CST
Since we got married, We were living in my uncle’s house but unfortunately my uncle’s wife don’t want us to stay with them so my husband and I decided to move. I think 4 years of staying with my uncle is so long and enough. My husband have his work and he has enough salary to support our living. Now we are renting a house for almost 6 months and we realized that being independent is more challenging and happier because we can do what ever we want to do, we can decorate our house with our own decorations and pictures on the wall. Even we are now separated with my uncle we will never forget the love and help that my uncle gave to us. Happy Myloting every one.
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@xiaolisu (1249)
• China
1 Oct 15
i always hesitated if we should married because he is living in his parent 's house .I just worried can't getting along with his parent .cant believed love can cover this .
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@bubuth (1816)
• Philippines
3 Oct 15
Here in the Phillippines, couple living with their parents is not a big issue as long as they both understand each other but in my opinion we can enjoy more if the couple live separately..
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@MALUSE (39301)
• Germany
1 Oct 15
If you have enough money, I don't understand why you stayed with your uncle for so long and didn't move earlier.
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@bubuth (1816)
• Philippines
3 Oct 15
I consider my uncle as my real father because he raised me since I was 2 months old. He also don't have his own child so I want to take care of him cause he's already growing old but my husband and I need to move for good. I just visit him every day. Happy Myloting.. :) (Sorry if I have wrong gramar) :)
@amnabas (9965)
• Karachi, Pakistan
1 Oct 15
Warm wishes for your independent life wish you a haapy life a head.
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@Ragnarok8 (196)
• Davao, Philippines
1 Oct 15
Congratulations! You did the right thing. Best wishes to your new place.
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@bubuth (1816)
• Philippines
3 Oct 15
Thank you my friend.. :)
@cahaya1983 (10055)
• Malaysia
2 Oct 15
I can't imagine living in a relative's house for that long. Glad you finally get to have your own house.
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• India
14 Jan 16
wish you a good luck,in this new independent life.
@cherriefic (4675)
• Baguio, Philippines
10 Jan 16
Good for you. Living on your own gives you freedom to do whatever you like.
@srisahara (4151)
• Indonesia
26 Oct 15
Yes, I also feel that. Two years ago I and, my husband and my two daughters stay in my mother's house. Actually, we are okay, but there is some things that make me difficult to get happiness, I think , when we stay with my mother we can't do what ever we want to do. We have to appreciate my mother. So, some our activity must get the permit from my mother. That's why we feel less happy. Now, we stay in our own house. here, we fell free to what ever we want to do Independence makes us happier...Have a nice day
@marlina (72847)
• Canada
4 Oct 15
So glad that you were able to move out and rent a house just for your couple. Happy living there!