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@sherryeb (586)
Duncan, Arizona
October 1, 2015 12:01pm CST
Awhile back, I opened a patio gift boutique at my home. I took small business classes at a local college, I went through community classes on marketing, advertising and resources for small business loans and grants. After all that training and I chose this.I have a variety of art, crafts, costume jewelry, and knick knacks. My products are new, used, recycled and upcycled. Our town has a population of less than a 1,000 people. I keep my products at a $1.00 or less, to help out the unfortunate, as there is a recession here and not many jobs. I put a lot of time and energy into my products and the store. Lately, I have been getting a lot of cons and people in the community, trying to run scams on me. Here are a few examples of hard knocks learning the stuff they don’t teach you in classes or lectures: (1) One person diverts my attention, while another steals.-Prosecution for Shoplifters (2) Ask me to put back products to hold, then never come back-No Layaway (3) Take items with a promise to pay and do not pay or return the items-No Credit (4) Want to barter on items…Seriously!…it is only a dollar or less…-Price Firm (5) Jump out of car, grab and go-Camera Ready…Take a picture of car or license plate or person- Call Police…If they come from another town there is not much they can do…Geez…its only a dollar right. (6) Break item and return it-No Returns (7) Write bad checks-Cash Only No Checks Those dollars add up in losses, I have to inventory, pay taxes and purchase those items. Just sayin…
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• Rochester, New York
31 May 16
Working in retail I meet a lot of ladies who buy jewellery and sell it on random websites. This one lady comes in and buys at least $50 worth of merchandise and sells it all online. She comes in once a month. Maybe you could try selling online instead of from your porch. You won't loose as much.