Courageous job applicant

@scheng1 (24742)
October 3, 2015 5:46am CST
My friend just called to complain about the attitude of one job applicant. She came for interview, and had to fill up the job application form. She managed to write just her name, and address, and then decided that she did not want this job. My friend, as the interviewer, was upset, but I admire the courage of the job applicant. There really is no point going through the job interview process if she does not like the work environment or job nature.
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• United States
3 Oct 15
I'm surprised that the job applicant came for a job interview without actually knowing what the job was. You usually know a little about the job BEFORE you even get an interview.
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@scheng1 (24742)
• Singapore
4 Oct 15
The job applicant knows the job, but not the work environment. I think she changes her mind when she realizes just how far out the company is located, and the company is right next to the incinerator plant.
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@yeezermac (145)
• Singapore, Singapore
29 Oct 15
I am not sure if the job applicant didn't want to fill up the form because he was lazy, or because he didn't like the company to begin with. If he didn't like the company or industry, he could have just not turned up for the interview. My gut instinct tells me that he was a typical entitled mainstream being, and was just too lazy to fill up the application form. It's ok, he thinks, his parents will support him even if he has no job.