to blog or not to blog

@vernaC (1493)
October 3, 2015 6:49am CST
I sure would like to write but the blog I started years ago was just for fun out of boredome and looking at my blogsite which I abandoned years ago makes me ask my self what was I thinking? The name of my blogsite and it's contents were far from each other, but to justify it also I just posted two topics then left so I wasn't able to post what I intened to post. Now that I'm back in mood of posting or writing again, I'm asking myself if I should continue again and what topics should I write and how to maintain it there. But I'm also happy and contented here in mylot. So, to blog or not to blog?
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• Pune, India
10 Oct 15
@vernaC, Blogging is not so difficult at the same time, not an easy job. A blogger should have average thinking skills along with common sense. Start a blog by providing valuable information that is of interest. 2 benefits out of it, You will surely come across high quality resources that enrich your knowledge and when readers come to your website, they too admire with the content you arrange in your blog, that really generates revenue in a longer run.
@vernaC (1493)
• Romania
13 Oct 15
Thanks.. this is a very useful insight but after evaluating myself it seems like I really don't have the passion. Especially Im working on a stressful environment and it's killing the vibes..