Explain Why So Many People Believe In Killing For Their Beliefs.

@wmg2006 (5383)
United States
November 23, 2006 9:50pm CST
I just do not understand why so many people everywhere believe in killing for their cause. I know we have always had wars and we always will, but I don't understand why man has not learned that killing people does not help the cause at all. I am sure if I was ever sent to war against my will I would not fight, I would either be killed instantly or I would run away. I don't think if I kill a bunch of people that my cause or belief will be any better understood. Maybe I am being naive but it seems to me that people would look back on history and see wars do nothing good for anyone. If you can explain to me why so many people belive war is the way to solve problems please enlighten me. Thanks in advance
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@caribe (2465)
• United States
10 Dec 06
I failed to see this discussion before, wmg. I also don't understand what people think they are going to accomplish by going to war and killing people. You can't beat someone and make them your friend or kill their families and expect them to like you. Humanity does not learn from it's mistakes, it seems. I don't know what bombers think they are accomplishing by giving their life in order to kill a lot of people. Do they think this will make others believe like them. I don't know what is in the minds of warriors but I don't think it does any good to either group.
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
11 May 07
Many Belief in putting their lives on the line to protect others from harm. My friends all went to war with the strong belief of fighting so no one else had to. They wanted to protect, defend, and make the world a better a place, and were all hoping they would be the last generation to have to go to war... Everyone wants to protect and defend themselves, their beliefs, and their culture. But I think many times we cross the line of defending going into offending... and outright assaulting. Who draws the line, where does the defence stop? Why can't we with todays technology and everything else, communication systems etc, still not learn how to pull together long enough to sit down and safely communicate with one another to work out a deal, and to resolve conflicts and issues without taking lives... I do not know. I do know that most who are acting out have been recruited at a young age, and raised in a solitary society, so they were raised to fight for their beliefs and taught everyone who is not the same as they are is bad.. The only way to end this is to agree to teach tolerance in all faiths, all religions, all countries, and all cultures of eachothers differences from the moment we learn to talk on up. The fighting will not end with the adults, it has to start with the children... - DNatureofDTrain