Can we make sufficient water through fog harvesting and vapor harvesting techniques?

Nellore, India
October 6, 2015 2:48am CST
Fog is present in many parts of the world at good amounts. It is said that fog is a good source of fresh water. If we can built a good equipment, can we able to harvest maximum amount of water from fog harvesting. Will fog harvesting will contribute to global warming and thereto climate change. If we make things in a better way can we harvest water vapor from the vast water bodies such as oceans. If so how much of the pure water we can gain. Can we do both fog harvesting and water vapor harvesting from ocean surfaces.
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• Hyderabad, India
6 Oct 15
good thought.but it requires a lot f research and experiments becoz water vapour harvesting requires lot of closed places to collect.getting pure water out of oceans a bit tricky becoz they contain lots of salt content.but ur idea is nice
@buddha3 (1029)
• India
6 Oct 15
I strongly believe that any action that is against the natural ones will post danger in the future. We are already witnessing the results of our tampering with nature. I don't think we should do anything more now!