Twisting Twisting Twisting the Title Awaaay!

United States
October 6, 2015 8:55am CST
I like listening to a Podcast called Doug Loves Movies, and early on in the program's run Doug liked to play games with his guests (which he does even more so now). One of the early games was called "Build-a-Title" where you tack a bunch of movie titles together into a ginormaous frankenstein's monster of a title that you couldn't possibly fit in your mouth with both fists. What I loved about this game right off was that it was just like the "Movie Twist" game I used to like playing on message boards way back when I was in college and the internet was young. So, time to twist again everybody! I'll start off with a movie title (Yes, only movie titles please) and the next person will either add a title to the front or back. For example, I can start with "Groundhog Day" then the next person could say "Groundhog Day of the Dead" thus adding Day of the Dead on the end. Then the next person could say "On Deadly Groundhog Day of the Dead..." and so on. You can do your best on spelling. As long as whatever stick on sounds like it follows the natural flow, like "Mission ImpossiBullet to the Head." Anyway, I'm sure you guys will catch on pretty fast if you aren't already familiar with Build-a-Title. Last thing to know is you can drop the "The" or "A" in a title. So, "The Godfather" is just "Godfather." That's it! Let's start the game. Marathon Man
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