When you lost your hope in career

New Delhi, India
October 10, 2015 1:27am CST
When lost your hope in getting right job or tired of doing repeated small jobs and are worried with your current job/salary,don't worry.Simply try the below tips to get rid of your problems. 1.Foget about past. 2.Start smiling a lot(Avoid doing everytime) 3.Don't think that there are two ways to success.There is only one way to sucess having a path filled with failures. 4.Try to love your current work. 5.Attend lot of interviews.It will increase your Knowledge.But don't change your job frequently. 6.Wait for your turn patiently. 7.Don't compare any body with yourself. 8.Know your passion and plan yourself. 9.Never get tired of trying. 10.Every oppurtunities are precious.don't waste it.
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@scheng1 (24741)
• Singapore
12 Dec 15
If the company allows for internal rotation, that is better. It is good to switch to a new role after two years, so that you can gain exposure to different aspects of the business, and you can keep the curiosity and passion alive.
@yeezermac (145)
• Singapore, Singapore
22 Oct 15
I agree with especially number 10. Whatever opportunities that come by, I would also advise that you assess its strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Some opportunities should be jumped upon, while others need to be taken with caution. One might end up with a Phyrric victory, if one were to pursue an opportunity that looks seemingly good, but turns out to not be beneficial in the medium term.
• Pune, India
10 Oct 15
@Arnraj, Hi Arun, Welcome to the myLot Community. Yes, today's youth are quickly losing their hope when they face small problems in their real life or in career. Success may introduce you to this World, But a failure will introduce the Whole World to you. This is the place where the actual learning starts. A success may not be consistent, But Failure has higher chances of getting a Success in near term. I would love to give counseling to the people who are directionless towards their careers even after completion of their careers.
• Thiruvananthapuram, India
10 Oct 15
lol! really true words. Content with what we have.