Why I Hate Electronic Cigarettes

Preston, England
October 10, 2015 3:43am CST
Though I never smoked in my life, smoking in public places never bothered me before the ban on it in the UK. I actually miss the smoky atmosphere in some bars. What I do hate is the new electric cigarette craze which some former smokers seem more addicted to than old fashioned cigs. Some bars mercifully ban them, but I see them in use in theatres and in some bars. They are really irritating and look more like someone setting a biro-pen alight than smoking a proper cigarette. There are specialist shops springing up everywhere selling electric cigarette kits, but I expect a revision to the ban in using them in public will eventually crush the market for these too. Electric cigs look like pretend cigs and just seem rather sad to me. It’s a bit like the fad in the 1980’s for pet rocks as a substitute for pet dogs. If you must smoke, please just do it properly. Arthur Chappell
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@Jessicalynnt (47879)
• Centralia, Missouri
10 Oct 15
sorry, gotta disagree on this one. It's healthier for all. the smoke is actually vapor, so no smoke. it also tends to be cheaper, and it smells better. I'm glad hubby swapped over. I also find it funny when he smokes fruity stuff and I can make fun of him. Amongst the EMT's he works with (all horrible hours so they all smoke to stay awake and to destress) most he's gotten to swap to vapes.
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