Well, Well, Well

Wapello, Iowa
October 10, 2015 8:08am CST
I didn't do anything for John Lennon's birthday yesterday because, frankly, it's still too depressing. But this morning, I'm going to do sort of a tribute by opening this one with a slight paraphrase of one of his lyrics: Well, well, well you're feeling fine, Well, well, well, he'll make you, Dr. Bernie. He's a new and better man. Honestly, that's the first thing that flashed through my mind when I saw this: Bernie Sanders is raising more money than every Republican candidate. I'll put in the song at the end because if you've never heard it, you should and if you've heard it a million times, you still need to hear it one more time. In the meantime, I'm going to ask my Beloved Conservative Base, "How does Bernie's fund raising make you feel?" You keep telling me how he's a joke with absolutely no chance but here he is out raising every single one of your candidates. And you keep telling me how your field of candidates are the best, smartest and most qualified ever to be President. Do you have any explanations? Why does everyone in America, aside from bitter old clingers, hate them so much? Money isn't everything, you say (For the first time ever and only because you have absolutely nothing else)? Well, then explain to me why Bernie is drawing far bigger crowds than your clowns. Tell me again what a hopeless joke he is. And yes, Hillary still has a very real chance of beating him but she is his only competition. And even if she does ultimately win, I can still spend the rest of your life rubbing it in about how well Bernie beat every one of your guys in every conceivable way. Either way, I really can't lose. Well, not much. Bernie would do a much better job but have you noticed far left he has moved Hillary? She rejects the TPP and The Keystone Pipeline and she's calling for more gun control. Ironically, Bernie would be much better for you, gun-wise. It's almost like God got up one morning and said, "How can I most torture all the bitter old clingers who still insist on doing terrible things in My name? Without sending floods or locusts?" He then said, "In 2016. let there be Hillary and Bernie." And so it was. And He saw that it was good. Along with the rest of us. Except for you aforementioned bitter old clingers. I think that's enough for right now...I just heard my friend Jim's head explode and I don't to do any more damage because I really want him to be here on election night next year so I can laugh at him...so let's close this one already with today's Theme Song from Revolver: The Beatles - "Doctor Robert" Stereo Remaster Here Are The Links: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/bernie-sanders-is-raising-more-money-than-every-republican-candidate-155430566.html http://www.woc1420.com/onair/jim-fisher-1936/
The Beatles "Doctor Robert" album "Revolver" 1966 / 2009
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