Another poem

Rockford, Minnesota
October 10, 2015 11:26pm CST
Tell me what you think I offered you my hand, to pull you to the shore. But you decided that you'd rather drown. And I stood there , watching helplessly as the waves kidnapped the girl I used to know. I saw her splashing ,trying to catch her breath,but still never screaming for help. I guess the waters in one's soul can become so frigid that they numb the voice. A storm of heartache and and anger rained hatred over the girl who used to believe in angels and thought she could be a rock star. I'm sorry there were monsters that I could not kill for her. Monsters I pretended that were loving because the truth tore me from the inside out. And I know I made it worse when I tried to convince myself that they had halos But we all the know the truth was that they just hid their horns well. And I can blame it on a bad day at work or the weather. But the truth is I swim in my own burning lake a little more now that she is gone. Perhaps it is because I want to know how it feels to die while you're still breathing. I never thought that was possible until I heard you speak with your living voice while I watched the girl inside you decay. And I want you to remember. Remember that when you say I didn't love you, that I'm writing this so I don't have to swallow liquid fire to forget your absence
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@jstory07 (68170)
• Roseburg, Oregon
11 Oct 15
I really enjoyed reading what you wrote it was really good.
• Rockford, Minnesota
11 Oct 15
Thank you. its a very personal poem. I may never talk to this person again and we once were so close