I accepted her as a friend

@pahak627 (4198)
October 11, 2015 7:53am CST
I have a friend, actually my husband's relative, who is not well-mannered as others described her. But I still understand her. Whenever, I give or treat her for a meal, she could not say thank you, I haven't heard her say it. We will just part ways without it and I am used to it already. I just tried to understand her. She is not in good terms with my husband. They have grudges with each other. It happened this way. She used to come to our house and stay overnight whenever she came to our place and she could not go back to the city because it was already dark. The funny thing was, she came to our house without even greeting us. She immediately entered our house and set on the chair until it was meal time and she will eat with us. Then she will stay overnight. I'll just let her borrow my night wear. The next day, she will change her clothes, she did not even to bother giving the used clothes to our laundrywoman, she just left the clothes on the bed. I just ignored it. That was her routine whenever she slept in our house. My husband always told me that he didn't like his relative's attitude, that I should refrain from associating with her. But I ignored him, he even told me that maybe I was being blackmailed because I could not evade her. Then came the day that has changed our routine. My mother-in-law was with us at that time and she happened to stay overnight with us. I was surprised when my husband asked me if his relative informed me that she was leaving. I immediately said yes because I know she will never inform everybody that she's going. He was so angry because she just passed him and his mother at the terrace of our house, She did not even bothered to say goodbye to both of them. Maybe my husband felt ashamed that she did not even respect his mother. There was no quarrel that happened but my husband told our friend in the city about it. The worst thing that happened, my friend came to know about my husband's anger. She became angry too and spat bad words against my husband. I did not tell my husband about it. Then I just knew that they are not in talking terms already. However, our friendship continued. This is because I pitied her. She has no one who can understand her fully. She's always the topic of relative's gossip. In short, almost everybody was against her. My only wish for her is that she might change her ways so that her relatives can accept her again.
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@maggs224 (1708)
• Alicante, Spain
11 Oct 15
It seems that you have a warm heart and can see beyond the surface as there are clearly things wrong in this persons life. It is plain that you have empathy for this woman. But, no matter who we are, there are consequences that come with our behaviour. In many of these situations it seems that this friend is responsible for the bad feelings that others have about her.
@pahak627 (4198)
• Philippines
11 Oct 15
That is really true. Worst of all, she would not accept that she is wrong.