New poem

Rockford, Minnesota
October 11, 2015 8:45am CST
This one took a while and it will go in to my new book So they say x must love y Y must love x But what if Y falls in love with another Y What if X decides that both Xs and Ys look kinda cute Or maybe just maybe Y doesn't care about the shapes of other Ys or Xs. Maybe Y is in love with the vibration they bring with their sounds Maybe B looks around and quietly says to herself sometimes I feel like a C Oh but the only C I can ever be exists in the tongue burning word Conform Because you see, I don't wish to lose my sight,my touch, my breath to the thoughts that become actions of F and G All these beautiful bodies of sound forgetting their beauty trapped under the tyranny of A and Z Because you see, For A and Z freedom is a falsity. Freedom is that light at the end of the darkness the light that your legs are too weak to carry you to. But A and Z often forget while ugly bodies of sound whisper I hate you, beautiful bodies of sound shout. I love you and I am here for you.
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