do you have any brothers or sisters?

October 12, 2015 2:54am CST
I have a bigger brother. actually there is a 10 years difference between the two of us so this is the reason why we've never been that close
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@vandana7 (66797)
• India
12 Oct 15
I thought that should make the brother protective towards you. :( My little friends have just an year and a half difference between them, and oh boy the girl is so kissy kissy...always hugging her brother, kissing him, looking at him in awe. Everything her brother does she has to do. You see he is her teacher in some way. lol. And he too holds her hands and makes her climb up and down carefully even though he is just three and a half years old. That is so lovely. I don't have any brothers and sisters of my own.
• Romania
12 Oct 15
it's beautiful that they have such a close relationship. I wish my kids would be like that
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@kataomoi (706)
• Japan
12 Oct 15
I have two younger sisters. They're twins. We fight and argue a lot, but I would say we're close. We love and care about each other, but we just don't say it.
• Romania
12 Oct 15
what's the age difference between you?
@Teep11 (7123)
• United States
13 Oct 15
I'm an only child. At one point I wanted a brother or sister but I'm alright being an only child now. Siblings should be close but it doesn't always happen.
@softbabe44 (5899)
• Vancouver, Washington
12 Oct 15
i think by brother is in his 50s my sister is almost 60 my other sister is53 so they are pretty close in age my have a sister like that who has be everything we have done.