Holiday here: Columbus arrived at America on a day like this

@marguicha (103907)
October 12, 2015 7:31am CST
One of the first tales that dealed with History that I learned was how Christopher Columbus had reached America on October, 12th, 1492. The story was embellised with fairy tale parts such as the one that the Queen of Spain sold her jewels to be part of this great adventure. I was small when I first listened to it and some years ago I went to see how Columbus ships were when on a vacation in the south of Spain. I would not go anywhere, not even across a lake, in such small ships. Columbus is one of my great heroes. I am sorry that as technology advances, History recedes and many children donĀ“t know who he was. Not even America was names after him because it took other people to know that what he had discovered was a new continent. Do you have a holiday today? On my country it is called El Dia de la Raza
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@PhredWreck (6051)
12 Oct 15
Actually, he didn't discover a 'new' continent. The Vikings beat him by a long shot, and other people already lived there. And as for discovering 'America', since the USA is technically 'America' he didn't even discover it, since he never landed in North America.
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@marguicha (103907)
• Chile
12 Oct 15
Why do you say that the USA is "technically" America? I was taught that South America, Central America and North America (which includes Canada and part of Mexico) are the same continent. Political boundaries change, geography changes less. But you are right about the american natives that lived here before Columbus arrived. I suppose we can say in better way that the Europeans conquered America.
12 Oct 15
@marguicha When you hear the phrase 'In America' they are always talking about the USA...not Canada, not Mexico, not Brazil or Venezuela...just saying... Columbus didn't even have any idea North America existed. And no, North and South America are two separate continents.
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