Gender Dysphoria

Manila, Philippines
October 13, 2015 1:40am CST
Chealsea Attonley is like Caitlyn Jenner. He suffered with gender dysphoria. The difference between the two, Chealsea, undergo three times changing himself from man to woman then woman to man till he decided to become a woman for the rest of his life. While reading about his life, I am wondering how people behave like this? They said, they cannot control their feelings nor don't know what they are. They are the confused people about their gender. Is there anybody here experience gender dysphoria?
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@PhredWreck (6051)
13 Oct 15
You know, in my personal opinion, you can't change yourself from a man to a woman, or from a woman to a man. Having surgery to 'change' your gender simply changes how you look. That's like saying I had surgery to not be Caucasian anymore. I might look different, but I'd still be Caucasian. But that is just my opinion.
• Manila, Philippines
13 Oct 15
hmmmm that's right but they say that they change everything. First their attitude then later their looks. @PhredWreck