October 13, 2015 10:39am CST
Ok, this is the point, i really love this serie even though it breaks my heart most of time which is your favorite character, and why? i love tyrion the half man is all this tricky and intelligent when he is not drunk as a tub, sometimes i wonder how did he manage to survive till now! but definitely please george dont kill him.
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@akshat007 (162)
• New Delhi, India
20 Oct 15
I have read all the books and desperately waiting for GRR Martin to finish his last two. As for my favorite character : you already stole him. So let me come up with another and that would be Varys. Another survivor and how you realise in the last part that he planned this whole regime change from poisoning of Hand of King Jon Arryn to scheming to put Targareyens back on throne.
24 Oct 15
sweet and dear God! yes! varys is a great character, you think they dont matter and then you realize the REALLY matter and that is just that they are so Machiavellian
@allen0187 (34384)
• Philippines
14 Oct 15
Watched a couple of episodes here and there but never really sat down and completed an episode or even a season. Haven't read any of the books. I doubt I will.
24 Oct 15
i assure you, they are just fantastic