Book Review – The Good Beer Guide 2016

Preston, England
October 14, 2015 11:26am CST
Published by CAMRA The latest Good Beer Guide (GBG) celebrates the revival of interest in real and craft ales that is now more popular in many areas than rubbish keg lagers thanks largely to the Campaign For Real Ale (CAMRA) activity. The growth has come from the development of small scale micro-breweries, big real ale festivals and the crushing of the much despised Government duty ‘beer-tax escalator’ which automatically added more tax to beer with every annual Chancellor’s budget. There is still a fight to maintain against monopolistic Pubco’s and cheap supermarket discount ales and on-going pub closures. A chapter on the best brands of pub potato crisps seems superfluous, but it is the A-Z guide to pubs and breweries town by town that is really the heart of the guide as always. It remains the veritable Bible of the real ale enthusiasts everywhere. Arthur Chappell.
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