How to reduce Stress

Sri Lanka
October 14, 2015 10:35pm CST
I am studying these days for my university semester exam. But I have very stress because o these exam. HOW CAN I REDUCE THAT?
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• Austin, Texas
16 Oct 15
End of the World
Plan out your study sessions in a way that works for you. - If you're a night person and like the quiet, study at night. - If you're a day person and morning is your thing, study in the morning. - If you like the library, your bedroom or the dining room table … make yourself comfortable. Eliminate distractions … music, television, ear plugs to block out noisy family or neighbors, etc. You need to focus and stay focused. Take breaks. Don't push yourself too hard. Sleep if you need. Quick naps are very refreshing. Learn the easy stuff first. Then devote necessary effort to what is difficult for you. If you need help from a friend or a teacher, ask for it! Use available time wisely because when test time comes, that's it. No more studying. In the end, realize that it's just an exam. Not the end of the world. Trust me. If the world was ending, you wouldn't be stressing about an exam!
@ria1606roy (2844)
• Kolkata, India
15 Oct 15
you can reduce your stress by taking a break every two hours or something. Do something refreshing, calm your stress and then back to study.