I guess I'll go to bed now

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October 15, 2015 5:42am CST
Well I saved forty five minutes last night and so I'll be going in an hour early tonight to break down the truck. Guess I better start heading off to bed. I found myself another book to start reading (I have to admit I read probably three books a week) and it's already loaded onto my Kindle Voyage. I'll just lay down and read for a little while before this medicine kicks in (Allergy - Drowsy kind) and I can set my alarm and get some sleep. It's going to be a busier week this week. We have five (or four?) trucks this week. We had one last night, one tonight, One sunday and I guess one Monday. I only work four of the five trucks, which is a good thing. Apparently we are getting some new people in our department. I am hoping they will have some experience so the training process won't be tedious. I'm also hoping they'll stay (though new hires rarely stay very long). I told my manager "you do realize I'll be complaining if my hours are cut too much, right?) He said he'd already talked to the manager of the store, who approves or denies the schedule and fixes it if need be. I am hoping I won't have to much trouble with hours, and I don't see that I will since they know I work hard. But still, I have to remind them that I"ll be a pain in the butt otherwise.
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@PhredWreck (6051)
15 Oct 15
I read two or three a week, depending on how big they are, I'm on an 800 page sci-fi book right now that's taking a few days to get through, it doesn't help that the font used is kind of smaller than normal, not to mention a bit light.
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15 Oct 15
Is it an older book then? Lighter font makes me think it's faded a bit with time. I haven't read a good chunky book in ages. Usually my books are no longer than 400 pages long.
15 Oct 15
@ScribbledAdNauseum Not really that old since it mentions the 9/11 disaster
15 Oct 15
@ScribbledAdNauseum Some fonts don't lend themselves to printing well, they really should have used a different one. This sucker starts hurting my eyes after about 30 minutes.