Police Brutality

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
October 15, 2015 11:56am CST
I have watched some of the videos posted on social medias showing scenes between people and the police, its surprising to see that the victims most times bring the brutality on themselves. When a cop says back off, you simply back off. when they say put your hands up, you've got to do that without delay. when they say step out of the car, you simply leave the key in the ignition and step out. Its as simple as that ! But what these people do is argue and cuss a cop aggravating him. Moreover these cops are trained to read your body language, body movement, the intent in your eyes and every little move you make. They are scared of being hurt by you and can't help pulling the trigger or stunning you anyhow in order to protect themselves while on duty. Its a hell of a job and i must tell you, its not an easy one. Just picture yourself given a job to protect and care for people who don't like you in anyway. You be living in fear for your life and jumping out of your skin at every little move. So what's the answer to Police Brutality? "Obey every command without delay and keep your mouth shut". The cops are humans living in fear same as you do, and can misjudge or misread your actions sometimes.
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@Missmwngi (10783)
• Nairobi, Kenya
7 Nov 15
Those people who provoke the police are the ones who end up getting it rough but if you follow their orders it is an easy and smooth operation