@pahak627 (4246)
October 16, 2015 4:03pm CST
I am supposed to have my weekly walk outside this morning but it is raining. Wish that it will stop by 5 or 6 am. This is the only time that I can take a brisk walk because during weekdays, it's hard for me to go out because of my work. I only have a few hours in the morning before work and these are used for my preparation for work. Do you have time for brisk walking every morning?
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@TheHorse (74966)
• Walnut Creek, California
16 Oct 15
I tend to cycle and/or take kid clients on a hike in the afternoons. Can you send us some of your rain? We live in California!
@pahak627 (4246)
• Philippines
16 Oct 15
It's hot there? If only we could send some of our rain here. As of this time there's no more rain, it has just stopped but I have to do house chores because it's Saturday. I just decided not to walk outside anymore so that I can finish with the chores earlier.
@else34 (13601)
• New Delhi, India
17 Oct 15
@pahak627,No,I go on long walks in the evening.In the morning I have to go to my workplace.But in the evening I everyday cover at least 5-7 kms at a brisk pace.It's an indispensable part of my daily schedule.