Is it okay to hide money from your partners?

October 19, 2015 9:40pm CST
Do you think that people should not hide money from their partners? I ask because my husband and I are both working. Since i am the one who budgets all the expenses, my husband gives his salary to me. However, sometimes, I hide some of my earnings or salary from him for which I save. Sometimes I use it to buy my personal things or I give it to my parents without telling him. Do you think that what I am doing is wrong? Should I tell him or declare to him all the earnings I make and how I spend it?
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@yukimori (9070)
• United States
20 Oct 15
Yeah, I'd consider it financial infidelity. It'd be one thing if you were just setting aside some money for savings for your family, but you're giving money to your parents without telling him. Why haven't you told him? Is it something you know he wouldn't approve of? My husband doesn't necessarily know the details of my earnings. I'm an independent contractor for several companies and they can vary greatly from month to month. He doesn't really care to pay attention to the household budget, but we still discuss pretty much every purchase we make.
• Philippines
20 Oct 15
Hi @yuki, no not that he will not approve but i do not tell him sometimes when i give money to my parents because he may think that it is unfair that i sometimes give money to my parents but we do not give to his side of the family that often. I dont really hide it from him intentionally but we just do not discuss it openly.I guess i am wrong in that part but before i do not think that it is really needed to tell him about it.