Art Monday #2, Tuesday Edition

Wapello, Iowa
October 20, 2015 8:17am CST
This one is dedicated to all my friends in Canada. And everyone in Canada who hates me. Yes, there are a few, two, maybe three of them, just like in America. They don't like me even though I keep writing things like this: It's Fake Thanksgiving Day, You CENSORED. And today they are in an even more foul mood because of this: Canada looks to elect first new leader in 10 years as Liberals tipped for victory. Yes, it is dark day for Conservatives everywhere but more so in the US because last night in Canada was a preview of Tuesday, November 8, 2016. My friend Jim spent a good deal of time yesterday bragging about the election in Switzerland (Anti-Immigration Europe 2015: Swiss Right-Wing Populist Party Sweeps Elections As EU Refugee Crisis Rages) and fair enough, you can't win them all, but I hope Jim and the rest of my Beloved Conservative Base enjoy their brief victory in Switzerland because it's one of the last ones they're going to get. Canada is the way of the future! And that's why Art Monday #2, Tuesday Edition is dedicated to them. Now you're probably wondering what the artwork is. Surprise! It's a song! OK, that was the hard part to figure out. The easy part is the artist because who else would we use in a salute to Canada but Heart? Now for the other hard part. Which song did we choose? This one isn't just hard, it's danged near impossible. I was going to say darned near impossible but MyLot won't stand for language like that. So why don't I just tell you since it would take you all night to guess? OK, it's settled. That's just what I'll do. Right after I tell you that I never really liked this song until Heart covered it. In 1971, when it was first released by Badfinger, Sir Paul McCartney called it the most killer song of all time and a little later, Harry Nilsson (In 1971) and Mariah Carey (In 1994) had hits with it, both commercially and critically. In fact, over 180 artists have covered it since it was written but like I said, I didn't like it until Heart did it. Furthermore, this version I am about to play for you isn't even the best one they did. But since it is the only live one I can find, it is the one you're going to get. It was recorded live in New Jersey...The studio version is fine but Heart's live renditions are much better. Further furthermore, this is also a farewell to Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. As seen through the eyes of Jim and the rest of my Beloved Conservative Base. Just imagine them lip syncing it...Because it would be too horrific to imagine them actually singing: Heart - Without You (Live in New Jersey, Jan 26, 1979) The only thing left to do now is to say, GOOD JOB, CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here Are The Links:,_2016
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