Singapore Paranormal Investigators

Singapore, Singapore
October 20, 2015 9:50am CST
The Singapore Paranormal Investigators will be bringing a group of staff and students from a local institution of higher learning on a spooky tour on 23 Oct 2015. Would you like to guess where the SPI would be bringing these fine folks?
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@scheng1 (24748)
• Singapore
21 Oct 15
That will be interesting. I have a few kumantongs at home, and I still do not win in casino if I go there. I think many people really think too much. The mathematics of gambling is already on their side, and the smokers are creating a smoky environment. It is obvious that we cannot breath fresh air in this circumstance, and that will affect our mental ability.
• Singapore, Singapore
22 Oct 15
That is true too.There are indeed mathematical studies done on the economics of gambling, and for most of the time, the House is aware of the odds they're facing. Having sight of this, the House would take calculated risks and hedge them by ensuring that the odds are always in the House's favour. Spirituality in the form of kumantong and such cannot be exclusively discounted, but based on pure empiricism alone, the House always wins.
@kumako (61)
• Singapore, Singapore
21 Oct 15
I would love to join but I'll probably be in another haunted place...Genting Highland haha. It is said that before the opening of the casino, 10 pregnant women were brought in to give birth. The babies were killed once born to make into Kumantong. The little ones remains in the casino. One entire level of a hotel is reserved for them too. Unless overbooked, the level would not be open for booking.
• Singapore, Singapore
21 Oct 15
There's another version to this story. That instead of kumanthong, the owner of Genting Casino keeps toyol. The toyols apparently are activated once one passes the shrine on the road on the way up the mountain. Thus the legend goes that no one can ever win in Genting Casino. House takes all. But then again, all these are suburban legends...