which is most ancient civilization?

November 23, 2006 11:30pm CST
I read about Mesopotamian and Ethiopian civilizations. but i feel india has older civilization roots as a lawful community dates back than that of Ethiopians. what do u think. what kind of civilization was happened in ur place?Indian civilized cities are discovered in british time which is older than 5000 years. But its discovered coz it was well preserved under ground.might be there are more civilized societies happened on earth, of which we dont have any traces.
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• India
6 Jul 11
The Harrapan civilisation existed between 2500 BC - 1750 BC and had evolved out of inddigenous settlements that have been found in Baluchistan and Kalibangan in Rajasthan. The Harrapan culture contributed a great deal to the life of the people of ancient India.Even today in the field of religion and other spheres we can see Harrapan significance . The extent of our knowledge of Harrapan civilisation is limited because the range of objects that have survived are less than those of Egypt and Mesopotamia .There are no practical evidence about the life of people.Yes there might be !